Bringing Your Vehicle to Apuljack


Apuljack Electronics Ltd has a team of experienced engineering technicians who are adept at investigating habitation systems and diagnosing faults.


The most common reason for customers needing to bring their vehicles to us for investigation is when a normal repair/exchange order has not solved their problem and they require expert help to progress and find the solution. We always try to give this assistance over the phone or via email if possible, but there is no substitute for one of our engineers being able to test the system live in the vehicle. We may recommend you visit us after discussing the issue(s) in your vehicle, or a dealer/mobile engineer may send you to us.


If you require a visit to our premises, please fill out our Vehicle Bookings Request Form: Click Here. Once this has been filled out, we will review the request and be in contact with further information. Depending on the work required, you may be asked to leave your vehicle with us for a number of days and collect upon completion of the work. However, if the work is scheduled to take less than a day to complete you are welcome to visit our on-site café for refreshments or wait in our comfortable customer area, where tea and coffee making facilities are provided. During this time, your vehicle will be kept in our secure car park or workshop bay, protected by locked access gates and 24hr CCTV.


Whilst you and your vehicle are on site, we kindly ask that you allow our engineers to work in your vehicle alone – for COVID safety reasons and also to allow them to work quickly and efficiently, we do charge by the hour so it is in your best interest! However, as part of any in-vehicle work, one of the engineers will discuss the nature of the fault(s) with you at time of arrival, which may include asking you to demonstrate/indicate the fault(s) in the vehicle. Similarly, once all work is completed and you are picking up the vehicle, our engineer will demonstrate the now functioning systems.


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