It is important that you read the information below if you are having trouble getting things to work and are considering returning an item to us as it may save you wasting time and incurring unnecessary costs.

1. Repaired or Exchange Items

Because we work down to individual component level and we test all units fully, returns to Apuljack Electronics are very rare. If there is a problem with the materials or workmanship that we have used then we have a 'no quibble' returns policy and will repair your item free of charge. However, if the item passes a full lab test, and is No Fault Found (NFF) or, has been damaged by incorrect use or out of specification connections then we may charge a test fee and/or repair fee.

Returned items are on a 'Return to Base' basis and the sender is responsible for the cost of return shipping. We will, in rare cases, refund reasonable return shipping costs IF the item is covered under Warranty.

Please read the important information below BEFORE you consider a return:-

1.1 Before sending in your item


  • We fully test EVERY item that we repair before it leaves us.
  • Over 95% of customer returns we receive are FULLY WORKING, No Fault Found (NFF) items!
  • If we retest your item that is found to be NFF - We will charge you a test fee of, at least, £54 + VAT plus return shipping.
  • In many cases the issue that caused the failure of your units in the first place, may still be present in your vehicle or may have damaged other parts of your system that now stop the whole thing working.
  • Remember that you will only have sent us a few parts of your entire electrical system and you need it ALL WORKING for all functions to operate.
  • Electronics systems are often more complex than you think and problems you see on the control panel are often caused by issues in a different unit.
  • Often the issue can be as simple as a blown fuse or loose wire - many of which are NOT in normal/obvious places.
  • To avoid being charged a test fee, we suggest you talk to our technical department for advice on what to test/measure.
  • If you cannot take the required measurements/perform the tests then you need to take your vehicle to a dealer, get a Mobile Engineer to look at it or book it in with us.
  • We are happy to guide Dealers or Mobile engineers on what to test over the phone

1.2 What to do if your item is not fully working

If you have received your item back and it is not working or partly working then we suggest you do the following:-

  • Check all fuses - there are often other fuses that you may not be aware of that are NOT in the main fuse boards - near the battery and/or in line in the wiring loom are typical places.
  • Check all connectors and contacts are clean and pushed fully home and each wire is securely connected.
  • Check your battery voltages are above 12.5V - many systems will not switch on if the battery voltage is too low.
  • Email or call our technical department for advice on what measurements to take to diagnose the faults
  • Please be aware that some essential measurements may require a basic multimeter to perform - we have these for sale on our shop

1.3 How to return a repair or exchange item to us

If you are CERTAIN that you have read, understood and tested your system as above, then you may decide to return the item to us. If you choose to do this then below is the procedure and timeline:-

  1. Complete an RMA form and/or choose 'Return' from your online order account. Ensure you complete all the fields and provide as much information as you can about the faults.
  2. You will receive an RMA number via the web site - use this when contacting us to track the progress of the RMA.
  3. Make sure you package the items well using a box and lots of bubble wrap
  5. Ship the item to us using your preferred method of shipping (Note: we do not offer collection for RMA items).
  6. Once we receive your item and collate it with your original order the unit will go to the Engineering labs for testing.
  7. Engineering will assess the unit to see if it covered under warranty.
  8. We will contact you to let you know the status of your RMA and any costs.
  9. Engineering will contact you to offer help and advice if your unit is NFF
  10. RMA's are processed at the same speed as a standard order and are NOT available as a Fast Track service.


2. New Items

For your protection, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (superseding the Sale of Goods act 1979) and Distance Selling Rules cover new items as below:-

2.1 Non Stocked/Special order items

Items that are 'special order' (not stocked), 'custom made' or of proprietary design are not refundable. If they are faulty, we may offer a repair at our discretion.  If the item is not repairable then we will return the item to the manufacturer for a refund or repair at their discretion.  Note that the timescales involved with this process can be extensive.

2.2 Items within 14 days of purchase date

Under the distance selling rules you can return items within 14 days and receive a full refund.  Note that the refund does NOT include any additional shipping cost above the cheapest available. Refunds will be made within 14 days of return.  Unless the item is faulty, shipping back to Apuljack Electronics is NOT refunded.  Return shipping will need to be paid by the customer and ONLY refunded if Apujack Electronics determines the unit is faulty and has not been abused and/or damaged.  This return policy ONLY applies to internet or phone orders - sales where the customer visits our premises are NOT covered by these laws.

2.3 Items beyond 14 days of purchase date

Items outside the 14 day window are NOT refundable.  Apuljack Electronics may accept an item for refund at their absolute discretion but a restocking fee will be charged that is a minimum of 20% of the original invoice.

In all cases, returns must be in 'as new', unmodified and in a re-saleable condition including all packaging.

2.4 How to return a new item

Follow the same process as in 1.3 above, ensuring that you indicate if the item is within or outside the 14 day window.

3. Services

Any purchase that involves labour as a service, or is charged at an hourly rate is NOT refundable under any circumstances.

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