Lithium Charging Systems


It is becoming very popular to upgrade leisure vehicle batteries from older AGM, lead acid or GEL batteries to modern lithium alternatives.


Unfortunately, it is not as easy as just replacing one battery with another! Lithium batteries require a higher charge voltage than a non-lithium charger will be configured to supply. If you were to continue to use your existing battery charger to charge your lithium battery, not only would the charger be running flat-out to try and fully charge the lithium battery (increasing the likelihood of the charger failing from general wear and tear issues) but your battery would never be fully charged and so you would not be able to reap the full benefits of the battery you have paid for!


Apuljack Electronics Ltd. offers a number of lithium upgrade solutions. If you have a Schaudt Elektroblock unit (likely in a Hymer or Burstner vehicle) or a Nord Elettronica NE237 (modern Adria vehicles) then we are able to modify the internal charger module to a suitable lithium charger. This is a one-way process, as once the work has been done the unit is no longer suitable to charge non-lithium batteries – but it is reversible if you return the unit to us should you wish to switch back to non-lithium.


For vehicles fitted with the BCA range of chargers (PS276, PS301, PS304, PS306 etc.), such as Bailey or Coachman, we have a dedicated lithium charging unit which is a direct drop-in replacement for the existing PS charging unit – our AE276-L ULTRA.


The AE276-L ULTRA is also suitable as a replacement for a wide range of other units, when purchased with adapters. Please contact us for more information.

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