Why Choose Fast Track?

The Express Queue can be purchased at checkout for all repair orders. Your order will be treated as a priority once it arrives with us at Apuljack Electronics Ltd.

The Express Queue gives you the opportunity to reduce the time taken to repair your unit compared to our standard turnaround time. Please note: Selecting the Express Queue Upgrade will not take your order to the very front of the queue, it allows you to join the back of the Express Queue that will result in a quicker repair. A quicker repair does not compromise the quality of repair and, the same extensive testing regimen is given to all orders.

For more information on out current time scales please call one of the admin team on 01278 588922, option 1.

Our Express Queue Upgrade service is used by dealers, mobile engineers and members of the public to meet delivery deadlines or, solve those last-minute issues to save their holiday.

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