Why Choose Fast Track?


All repair and upgrade orders sent to Apuljack Electronics Ltd. pass through the initial fault verification stage within 1-2 working days of arriving, and are then arranged into a work queue based on date of arrival. Our normal time-frame for completing a repair and upgrade order is 7 to 10 working days from date of arrival, which does increase during busier periods.


Our Fast Track service allows you to upgrade your order to skip the work queue and become the top priority of our engineering team until your order is completed. This reduces the time-frame needed to complete the work to 1-2 working days, sometimes we are even able to complete the work on the same day the order arrives!


With no compromise on quality of repair and the same extensive testing regimen as all other orders, but at lightning-fast speeds, our Fast Track service is used by dealers and mobile engineers to aid their customers in dire straits or to meet delivery deadlines, and by members of the public to solve those last-minute issues and save their holiday.

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