Design and Development

We have a number of on-going designs and products that involve both electronics and incorporate other technologies:-

  • Fire sprinkler - automated pump maintenance controller
  • Ground Source Heat Pump MCS accreditation test rig
  • Integrated remote temperature sensing for thermal hydraulic systems
  • Solar PV excess power diverter
  • Lighting and motion control system for Professional scale model builders

CE Marking consultancy

Industrial solutions

PCB update/redesign/obsolescence removal

Repair & Re-design

With the ever increasing demand for manufacturers to reduce cost and get products to market quickly, it is not uncommon for items to reach the marketplace with hidden flaws in their design. By the time the end user/OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) has discovered these, the manufacturer has moved on to the next design/version and support for these items is minimal. In some cases, this leaves the customer with high cost repairs/replacements and lengthy correspondence through a chain of intermediaries. We specialise in bespoke re-design of items that have identified faults/failures. Often this includes items that are out of warranty, unsupported, superseded or presenting support issues for customers, suppliers or service agents.

We currently have a number of specific products that we cover. These have been identified by industry/consumers as having particular issues with their design, availability or support and we have redesigned the failed parts as required. We do not just replace parts we fix the fundamental problem with the item. This can often involve the design and manufacture of bespoke custom parts to overcome the original issue.

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