Repair Process


If you have a fault with a unit or system you are able to send it to us for inspection, repair and upgrade. Locate the item on our website, using our powerful search feature, being careful to note the part or model number of your unit(s) or system matches the listing. Choose the most appropriate option for you from the available solutions we offer for that unit/system, such as brand new, exchange or repair and upgrade service.

Once you have added the repair estimate item to your basket, please check out as you would on any other online shop. If you have not already done so, you will be prompted to create an account. This is required in order to send your item(s) to us for repair and to track the progress of your order. Please ensure to include as much detail as possible in the Symptoms field, as the more information our engineers have the easier the repairs will be.

No money is taken at this stage, as we cannot be certain of the total cost of your order, as in order to solve all the symptoms that you have reported we might need to supply additional fuses, connectors or other items.

After your order has been placed you will receive an order confirmation email. Please print a copy of this email and include it in your package when sending your order to us. In addition, please attach a copy of the postage label from the bottom of your order confirmation email to the outside of the package so that your order is processed as quickly and effectively as possible.

When your order has been received, our Goods In Team will open the package and match the items to your order on our system. This will trigger an automated email update to be sent to you stating that your unit(s) have arrived with us. The order will then move into our engineering department for the first stage of the repair process; Verification. Initially, our engineers will test the unit(s) and to confirm they can recreate the symptoms reported on your order. Once the engineers have confirmed that the fault(s) are present then your order will enter the engineering department’s work queue. We estimate that an order will take around 7-10 working days to be completed, however during our peak season this can extend to 16-20 working days.

The repair process involves several rounds of testing and observation, making repairs by removing and replacing components, followed by further testing and observations to verify that the repairs carried out have solved the issue. During this time, you may receive multiple order update emails informing you as your order reaches these steps. Occasionally, it may appear as if your order has regressed to a previous stage. This should not cause alarm, as previously stated your order will reach testing but may not pass the first time, which would lead to a repetition of previous stages. We will contact you directly if there were any issue with your order, we would rather our customers be informed of the progress of their order than feel the need to call or email for an update!

With the repairs and final testing being complete, you will receive an automated update via email indicating that your order has been amended to include costs for all works carried out, and that your invoice is now ready to be paid. This can be done by logging into your account and viewing your orders. The repaired order will be available to be paid via card through our secure card merchant page. Once payment is received, our despatch team will pack and ship the order to you via the shipping option selected when your order was placed. Tracking information will be sent through via SMS/email for your convenience.

If your item(s) are tested and discovered to be 'No Fault Found', you require a new item or you want the parts returned un-repaired, then we will not charge you the standard repair price.  However, please note that the minimum charge for the testing work carried out will be our standard test fee.  This is a minimum of £54.00 + VAT.

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