Dealership/Workshop Information


Apuljack Electronics offer a wide range of solutions for both public and trade customers, and have worked closely with some of the UK’s major dealerships since our earliest days, including Highbridge Caravans, Somerset Caravans & Motorhomes, Oaktree Motorhomes and many others.


Due to our experience in dealing with the entire range of customers from one-man-band mobile engineers, through workshops and dealerships, to first-time owners, we know what services and products are required above and beyond what other supplies may offer.


As a dealership or workshop, you may accumulate quite a pile of broken or faulty units which have been swapped for new in customer’s vehicles for the sake of a speedy turnaround. Apuljack Electronics offer bespoke quotes for bulk repair orders consisting of multiple different units – we may even buy some from you if you are not interested in having them repaired.


For many of the connectors, crimps, terminals and other sundry parts needed for repair work in vehicles we offer bulk discounts, call offs and repeat deliveries on a weekly/monthly basis as required – that way you can always have parts on hand to help your customers.


Dealerships/workshops can also apply for special credit account status, which not only allows orders to be placed and shipped without prepayment but also allows access to our collection service. If you have something for repair or exchange that needs to be sent to us, but you can’t spare the staff to run it to the post office, then we can arrange for a courier to visit and collect on the next working day – all your staff would need to do is print off the label we email over and attach it to a suitable packaged box.

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